Testimonials from the #FlambeauxFam

I have been doing CrossFit for many years, and joined Flambeaux almost 1 year ago, and can honestly say that it is one of the best boxes I have belonged to. The coaches are amazing! They have built a wonderful community that is warm and welcoming to athletes of all levels. They create awesome workouts that keep you motivated, and they are always there to provide encouragement and support. I have grown as an athlete during my time at Flambeaux, and look forward to having a great workout every day. I can’t recommend this box enough!

Meghan Green

Great place to bring out the beast in your body thanks Dillion one set of heart meds down now forward with my health come back

Derek Truitt

Having had rotator cuff surgery about a year ago the coaches customize the workouts to my ability and work with my specialized area to build up my strength and flexibility at my own pace what more could you ask for #fiyafit #fitfam

Craig Paulina

Dropped in for a few weeks while in town for work and really enjoyed my experience. Dillon is a fantastic instructor... Workouts were tough and the other members were welcoming and encouraging. I will definitely be back!

Trevor Wagoner

We absolutely love Flambeaux!! This is my third crossfit gym, and Flambeaux is by far the most unique. Flambeaux Crossfit and its members are extremely welcoming and genuine. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable, and the work outs are amazing. If you're in the neighborhood I strongly suggest stopping in to check out this little gem <3

Jessica Siebens

I highly recommend his training classes. He has the patience and knowledge to get to know you as an athlete and the awareness of applying that to your training. He consistently is aware of what you need while also pushing you to a limit that he knows you can handle.
I wanted bigger muscles, a slimmer waistline, and better endurance. I got all of those thing plus the bonus of an improved mental perseverance.


Great place for people to train! Dillion is the man! I needed scaled workouts for me since I was injured and in a sling and they had everything set up for me! Everything is scalable and you able to workout at your own pace. Definitely a great place to grow and get better. Best programming I’ve ever had and a great place to get your workout on!!

Jay Pettit

I worked out for a week while in town for business. Dillon is an awesome instructor. I’m relatively new to crossfit but everyone was very welcoming. Workouts were also very good. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a new gym or just dropping in like me.

Mark Kidd

I was a drop in for the week and very impressed with this gym. The coach is very knowledgeable and even though I have never been here every one treated me like I was a regular. I felt like I was at my own gym. Every time I come to my hometown to visit this is the gym I will be dropping in at. Easy decision to give them 5 stars.

Daniel Jayne

Dillon and Missy are very nice trainers. They encourage you to push yourself to get the most out of the workout. Dillon is patient and funny. He takes his time to make sure you have good form so that you can do the exercise safely. Not only that, he also puts up with my whining everyday and make sure I don't get lazy in those METCONs and AMRAPs. Dillon believes that I can do more than I think and it's helped me improve a lot in term. Everyone at the gym is also very friendly. They make you feel welcomed and comfortable in your own skin regardless of your fitness background or your physical ability. Flambeaux Crossfit is a great place to get in shape and increase your strength.

Lily Nguyen

Flambeaux Crossfit is a top notch box! You will feel right at home. It's a smaller box which makes you feel like family. It is not intimidating and is always full of positive energy. This is the perfect place whether you rx every workout or have never done Crossfit. Dillon and Missy are excellent coaches and focus on form and technique. After having surgery on my acl and meniscus I was able to get my strength back thanks to Flambeaux Crossfit. Dillon worked with me and helped me scale workouts to whatever I needed that day and always put safety first. Now I'm setting new PRs and feeling great. If you're looking for an awesome community and atmosphere to get in shape or stay in shape come check them out!

Kaitlin Ann

Awesome gym that always delivers a welcoming experience and a hard work out at the same time.

Amy Schmitt

Dillon is great.. my venture into crossfit training is new. As an elder and so out of shape its been painful and oh feel so good. As of now i have no plans to stop or look for another place to train. My goal is to develop more endurance, get stronger and loose weight. I have no doubts if i keep training Dillon will help me get there.

Gee Daniels

Today i did a drop in and immediately was welcomed by all, Dillion was very accommodating and made me feel at home. This is why I love our CrossFit Community you so much I will be returning and keeping this as my NOLA home box. Thank you guys for having me today!

Natasha Mueller