SHOWING UP ON TIME. Arrive 5-10 minutes early. Class begins on the dot with MANDATORY warm up and stretching to prevent injury and optimize performance. This segment of class will take place the first 10 minutes of the scheduled class time. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ATTEND GROUP CLASSES IF YOU MISS THIS TIME FRAME ENTIRELY.

 If you miss a scheduled ONE-ON-ONE session you have the option of attending an existing group class within a 7 day time frame.

 You must contact Dillon (dashfitness504@gmail.com) AT LEAST 24 hrs prior to cancelling a session. If you fail to contact me and essentially “no call – no show” you are not eligible for a makeup session.

 Payment must be made in full the FRIDAY PRIOR to first schedule training sessions.

 Sessions can be “frozen” or postponed for up to but not exceeding TWO WEEKS.


 Zero tolerance for any “bullying” or intimidation to other members of group classes. It’s up to coaches discretion and if found “bullying” another athlete the coach has the authority to remove you from class.

Challenge yourself – Get Fit!