Do I need experience?

No experience is required, movements will be explained thoroughly. Also, any movement can be modified for your skill level.

Am I strong enough to start?

Sure! All movements can be modified, weights are optional depending on your strength and can be altered.

I have no cardio is your program the right one for me?

Everyone has to start somewhere. The interval and cross training methods Dillon uses help build your strength while seamlessly and naturally building your endurance – and before you know it you will have cardio!

Do you train people to lose weight or to build muscle or both?

BOTH! There will be different workouts and/or modifications made depending on each individuals goal. Group classes are also tailored based on each individual and his goals by adjusting weights, distances and reps.

I'm self conscious about my body - will my personal training happen within a "safe space" where I can feel comfortable?

Absolutely! Creating a comfortable environment for anyone and everyone who wants to optimize their health with better physical fitness was #1 goal for building Flambeaux Fit.

What is your coaching style? Are you going to yell at me?

I am whatever kind of coach YOU need me to be to motivate you. It may take a session or two for us to figure out what drives you but we will find it together and from there we will keep you motivated! As a coach I have to teach all types of personalities therefore I have to remain versatile with my coaching technique. So whether you need me to pep talk you, yell, or both, we’ll find what drives you. I will always push you to be your best and achieve proud physical fitness.